Clojure for Machine Learning


Clojure for Machine Studying

Efficiently leverage superior machine studying methods utilizing the Clojure ecosystem

Ebook Description:

Clojure for Machine Studying is an introduction to machine studying methods and algorithms. This e-book demonstrates how one can apply these methods to real-world issues utilizing the Clojure programming language.

It explores many machine studying methods and in addition describes methods to use Clojure to construct machine studying techniques. This e-book begins off by introducing the straightforward machine studying issues of regression and classification. It additionally describes how one can implement these machine studying methods in Clojure. The e-book additionally demonstrates a number of Clojure libraries, which may be helpful in fixing machine studying issues.

Clojure for Machine Studying familiarizes you with a number of pragmatic machine studying methods. By the tip of this e-book, you’ll be totally conscious of the Clojure libraries that can be utilized to unravel a given machine studying downside.

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